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'Social Distancing' explained
Last edited: Monday March 23rd 2020
Social distancing in a Nut Shell

⚫️ Essential contact only

⚫️ You can NOT visit other people’s houses.

⚫️ You can NOT meet up with friends for children to have play dates or for you to do exercise.

⚫️ You can NOT allow your children to go out to hang around with friends.

🟢 You can as a house unit go for a walk as long as you do not meet others

🟢 You can go to the super market for essentials, keeping hands clean and distancing from others

🟢 You can go to work if needed staying a safe distance away.

Even if you work in an hospital, an office, as a childcare worker or in supermarket you can not then visit friends and family that person has not been in contact with the people you have and vice versa- therefore you could be carrying the virus with no symptoms and are therefore spreading Covid-19 and risking people’s lives!

NHS, Social Services, Teachers, all emergency services, supermarket staff and all other essential staff are not working and risking their health for you to go and have a glass of wine with your friends or send your children out.

The government are not shutting schools, cafe’s, bar’s, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, gyms and play centres and providing money to subsidies wages and save business which will put the country in debt lightly, they are doing it as stopping contact is essential to save lives.