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Message from WAC coach, Geoff Fance | 25/3/20
Last edited: Wednesday March 25th 2020
EA advice during  the current period  is that there should be no social gatherings (ie. training groups) until the end of May at the earliest (although advice can change rapidly).

England Athletics are producing a programme of on-line coaching forums (which will be communicated on their website and social media platforms shortly).

Another useful website is athleticshub.co.uk but I think this is being currently updated.

On the E.A website there is mention of a new programme to be rolled out next week  called the new England  Funetic programme (supported by KJT and Usain Bolt,aimed at Athletes aged 5-11 - which enables parents to view a video on-line - presumably for keeping youngsters active whilst at home.

I am willing to offer advice to parents of the Under 11s in order for their children to "tick over" during this period -they may contact me if they wish (geoff.fance1@googlemail.com).

The nature of my advice would be of a generic nature i.e to exercise 2/3 times per week, of a duration of  20 mins or so, one such session could be of an aerobic type activity (say on an exercise bike if they cannot run). Another such session could be to do a series of circuits on a flat level surface or mat work. This would be to raise their heart rate being low impact but high intensity. Circuits can be achieved by moving from one exercise to another for say 15/20 seconds, similar recovery. These can also be broken  down  in sets if tired. The nature of these exercises can be press-ups, ab crunches, plank lunges etc. Athletes do these at their own risk, of course.

A good source of material  can be found on you tube  "Home work-out for athletes". A personal favourite of mine is if you google "Personal Training and Fitness" by Matt Roberts.

I hope this proves to be useful for people seeking further information.