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North West Road Relay Championships I 9th September 2017
Last edited: Monday September 11th 2017
The North West Counties Road Relay Championships took place on Saturday 9th September at Stanley Park Blackpool with Warrington Athletic Club represented in seven of the races.

The day started with the under 11 girls where the A team of Harriet Bell (7 minutes 01 seconds),Eva Karalius (6 minutes 47 seconds) and Rhiannon Wilkes (7 minutes 02 seconds) for a total time of 20 minutes 50 seconds to finish 8th overall.Only 7 seconds behind in 9th place were the B team of Corin Smith (6 minutes 42 seconds),Amelia Smith (7 minutes 05 seconds) and Esme Heavey (7 minutes 10 seconds) for a total time of 20 minutes 57 seconds.The two teams finished 1st and 2nd in the Cheshire Championships.Alice Nicholson ran 6 minutes 48 seconds on the first stage for an incomplete C team.Harriet,Eva,Corin,Rhiannon and Alice were all in the top 10 Cheshire times in the race.

In the under 11 Boys Jacob Pryor (6 minutes 38 seconds),Zack Allen (6 minutes 36 seconds) and Rory Gregory (6 minutes 34 seconds) finished 12th overall and 3rd in the Cheshire with a total time of 19 minutes 48 seconds.Their times were 7th,9th and 10th fastest in the Cheshire.

In the under 13 Girls there were three teams out with the A team of Orla Gregory (12 minutes 58 seconds),Molly Wormald (13 minutes 34 seconds) and Eva Ferris (14 minutes 15 seconds) for a total time of 40 minutes 47 seconds to finish in 12th place overall and take the Bronze Medals in the Cheshire.Unfortunately on the final stage Eva picked up a Hamstring injury around halfway but bravely finished the race.The B team of Maisie Bell (14 minutes 17 seconds),Lucie Davies (14 minutes 28 seconds) and Amelia Smithers (14 minutes 45 seconds) for a total time of 43 minutes 30 seconds finished 21st overall and 4th in the Cheshire.The C team of Emily Entwistle (14 minutes 04 seconds),Jasmine Jones (15 minutes 32 seconds) and Isobel Houghton (14 minutes 44 seconds) for a total time of 44 minutes 20 seconds to finish 29th overall and 7th in the Cheshire.Orla,Molly and Emily were all in the top 10 Cheshire times.

In the under 13 Boys race Erik Marshall (12 minutes 01 seconds),Jacob Cox (12 minutes 51 seconds) and Rhys Hopkins (12 minutes 36 seconds) with a total time of 37 minutes 28 seconds finished 12th overall and 4th in the Cheshire.

In the under 17 Womens race Amy Nuttall (12 minutes 17 seconds),Olivia Baker (12 minutes 50 seconds) and Liz Wright (13 minutes 04 seconds) with a total time of 38 minutes 11 seconds finished 4th overall and collected the Silver Medals in the Cheshire.

In the under 17 Mens event Joe Buckley (18 minutes 27 seconds),Jack Wadsworth (19 minutes 35 seconds) and Jordan Jones (17 minutes 29 seconds) with a total time of 55 minutes 31 seconds finished in 3rd place overall and 2nd in the Cheshire.Jordan ran the 3rd fastest time in the race and in the Cheshire was 2nd fastest with Joe 4th fastest but due to either marshalling errors or lack of marshals the race developed into a farce with runners going off the correct course and running extra distance.It is quite possible that Joe Jack and Jordan all ran different courses which would account for the differences in their times.

The day was brought to an end by the Senior Mens race where Nick Jones ran the first leg for an incomplete team with a time of 21 minutes 19 seconds which was the fastest time in the Cheshire Championships.