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Membership 2019
Last edited: Monday December 31st 2018
The time for renewal of club membership is here again. Warrington Athletics Club (WAC) membership runs from January to December each year. Click on 'Join Us' to the left for the new membership form for 2019.

Only Standard (£36), Under 11s (£18) and 2nd Claim (where an athlete is primarily and UK Athletics registered with another club) (£18) membership types exist. UK Athletics affiliation fees have increased by £1 an athlete which has been passed on in the membership fee. Northern Athletics have also introduced a new £2 affiliation fee in 2018; again this is included in our membership fee.

Membership and gate fees help the club fund such areas as facility rental, training/sports equipment maintenance and purchase, club affiliation, coach/official training, open meetings, team competition entry, social events and all the administration costs of running a club. Included in the membership fee is the individual’s “UK Athletics affiliation” (currently £16). This fee caters for a number of areas but includes insurance, health and safety, licensing and development opportunities. Also included is the new Northern Athletics affiliation fee (£2).

As usual, the club is also offering a session fees payment option. This is in addition to the membership fee but for an annual fee of £80, a WAC card will be issued and gate fees at the Victoria Park track (or replacement venue) will no longer be required (on production of the card). Obviously, this option is only beneficial to those who train in a consistent and frequent manner. Please note that this will not apply for entry into commercial venues eg. David Lloyd - if an individual coach decides to use such facilities. Furthermore, no refunds will be issued if an athlete is out injured or decides to leave the club. An additional fee will be required to replace lost or damaged cards. Standing order options for automated banking are also available - further details on request.

Fees per session have again remained unchanged at £1 per session (payable at the gate unless you have a WAC card). Session fees are paid when a session is directed by a coach, whether the track is used or not, whether at Victoria Park or not. Please note that track is only available on club nights (Mon, Wed, Thu) and if members want to use outside these times then they have to pay Warrington Borough Council the applicable fee. In 2018, the numbers of athletes turning up forgetting their £1 increased sharply. It is imperative that the session fee is paid on entry and an athlete will be not allowed onto the track without it.

As many of you will know, our membership fee comprises three parts - the WAC, the UK Athletics and the Northern Athletics fees. The WAC fee remains unchanged yet again for 2019. Just a notification regarding 2020 fees. Warrington Borough Council have just notified us that their track hire fees will effectively increase by 16% in 2019 and we will look to cover this increase in our membership or gate fees in 2020.

Thank you for your continued support and best wishes for a happy 2019.

Andy Clare
WAC Membership Secretary